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This website was designed by Consult Direct.

The web stack used is a classic LAMP:- Centos linux, Apache webserver, Mysql and Php.

The overall application is organised and delivered using Zend Framework.

The frontend user experience relies on additional technology components

Additionally we use Cloudflare as a CDN and DNS provider to speed up and protect our site from burst traffic and malevolent DOS attacks.
And Email message delivery has been delegated to Sendgrid, an online transactional email servicepereviously supplied by Mandrill.

The SSL cerificate is signed and secured by RapidSSL which is backed by a $10,000 warranty against mis-issuance.

Finally all the above technologies which togeather comprise the Benidorm Hotel website were weaved togeather by Consult Direct. Any further enquiries about the technologies mentioned above can be directed to Consult Direct.